Vision: God’s hope for the world made real through  faithful leaders, fruitful communities, and fire-filled people (faith, fruit, and fire)
Mission: Inspire, equip, and connect communities of faith to cultivate world changing disciples of Jesus Christ (inspire, equip, and connect) 
WIG (wildly important goal): Every church in the Iowa Annual Conference will develop a process for intentionally forming disciples of Jesus Christ by the year 2020
Strategic Priorities
Creating World-Transforming Communities of Faith
A. Establishing new communities of faith
B. Increasing vitality in existing communities of faith
Equipping Ourselves and Others as Transformational Leaders
A. Equipping lay leadership to disciple others and transform the world
B. Equipping clergy leadership to disciple others and transform the world
Directing Our Resources to Our Common Goals
A. Developing and implementing an effective communications ministry.
B. Aligning organizational structures and staffing resources for the sake of the mission and vision.
C. Increasing the financial health of the Iowa Conference.
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Ann Zeal


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