Weather Update from Disaster Ministries

May 24, 2019

Dear Friends in the Iowa Annual Conference,

Over the last few days, the much of the Midwest and Iowa have been pummeled with severe storms, including a tornado on Tuesday early in the morning that resulted in a fatality near Adair, Iowa. Please keep the families and community affected in your prayers. Disaster can and does strike anywhere in a heartbeat. As Christians, we can rest in the knowledge that we are held close in the Savior's arms in trying and frightening times.

Weather forecasters advise that this is just the beginning. We are in a "very unsettled" weather pattern that will result in more and more severe storms for the next several months. For more information on the forecast, see the National Weather Service's forecast:

This is a good time to get preparedprayhave a plan, know where you will take shelter and talk to family, friends and neighbors about what to do before and after a severe storm.


Pastor Catie Newman
Iowa Annual  Conference United Methodist Church
Disaster Response Coordinator